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Distracted Drivers Often Don’t Realize They Are Distracted


Distracted Driving Goes Unnoticed

Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the United States with plenty of people admitting that they engage in the behavior and a rising number of accidents tied to people who are looking at their phones. The insurance costs for drivers across the United States has gone up and so have the crash rates tied to distracted driving.

A new study from the Oregon Department of Transportation looked at data from 2012 to 2016 and found that there were more than a thousand crashes that involved a driver who was using a phone at the time of the crash. This led to nearly 4,500 injuries and 19 different fatalities.

The Gap Between What You Do While Driving And What Is Actually Taking Place

There is a significant gap between what people actually do when it comes to distracted driving and how they perceive their behavior. Vehicle accident rates have risen across the country and insurance costs have followed.

The typical expenditure for auto insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute, has gone from $838 in 2013 to a 2015 average of $889.

The 2018 Traveler’s Risk Index found that at least 40% of drivers readily admitted to being distracted behind the wheel for 15 minutes every hour. Although 85% of those same drivers shared that they felt that distracted driving was a significant risk, many of them still involved in this behavior on a regular basis.

Have You Previously Been In A Serious Accident?

If you have already been involved in a serious accident in which you believe one person is responsible for driving distracted and causing the accident to begin with, you may be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a strong track record of protecting those who have paid the price in the form of severe injuries and medical conditions.

Distracted Drivers Cause A Danger Whether Intentional Or Not

Distracted driving is an extremely dangerous behavior and when you have strong evidence suggesting that another driver was engaged in distracted driving, you can use this to pursue compensation under personal injury law.

Get Help With Your Distracted Driving Injury Questions Now

Do you not know for sure whether distracted driving was involved in your case? You need evidence that should come from an experienced attorney reviewing the scene.

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