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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Personal Injury Case in Florida

  1. Your case is governed by a statute of limitations.
  2. If there is insurance involved in your case, the insurer does not want to pay.
  3. Insurers have company policies to get a recorded statement from you quickly.
  4. Insurers seek recorded statements to help them, not you.
  5. You need to start your case now. Evidence disappears.
  6. It does matter who is your attorney and how they handle cases.
  7. If an attorney never files suit, the insurers know that and act accordingly.

You will also want to know those attorneys who deal in volume file suit on relatively few cases.


  1. High-volume firms act like it.
  2. If your case is known by a number and not your name, then you are a number.
  3. Cases don’t get better results just because the attorney runs TV ads.
  4. Cases get better results through hard work and attention to your case.
  5. Insurers know who will file suit, who never files suit, and who just settles.
  6. Generally, the longer your case goes the more favorable it is to the at-fault party.
  7. If you can only talk with the receptionist, it is unlikely your case is being moved forward.

Things to Ask if You Are in Doubt Which Attorney to Use

  1. How many total cases does the law firm have?
  2. How many cases does each attorney have? (Hint: They know the answer. If not: RUN!!)
  3. What is the ratio of the firm’s injury cases in suit?
  4. How many cases has the law firm taken to trial in the last 12 months?
  5. How many cases has the attorney taken to trial in the last 12 months?
  6. What was the result of cases taken to trial in the last 12 months?
  7. How long has the attorney assigned to my case been practicing?

Many law firms talk tough, but ask do they actually file suit for clients and fight insurance companies? It is easy to talk about being “aggressive”—doesn’t every attorney say they are aggressive–or talk about “fighting” the insurance companies, but does the law firm actually fight for you? See above the 7 questions to ask in the THINGS TO ASK IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT section. Make the law firm prove to you that they are not just all talk. At our law firm we know our clients by name. We do file suit regularly for our clients when the insurers do not make an honest attempt to resolve a claim. Running TV ads does not make a person a good attorney—that’s simple logic. Placing ads on billboards does not mean that attorney will pay any attention to your case.

Cases usually get better when time and hard work are applied.

At this firm we don’t just talk about fighting for our clients, we actually battle in court. Insurers know we file suit and litigate in state court and federal court throughout Florida. We don’t just talk about it. We take cases to trial if required to get the best result for our client. (See our $1.7 Million verdict in Pinellas County in April 2017 on our blog page.) Make a wise decision for your case.

We Are Ready to Help You Right Now.

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