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Florida Boat, Jet Ski & Cruise Injury Attorney

Maritime law is the body of law that applies to the overwhelming majority of cases which involve boating injuries, JetSki crashes, and cruise ship cases in Florida. Maritime law uses different laws, different statutes of limitation, and different procedures than Florida law does.

Make sure the attorney you choose knows the law to handle your boating, JetSki, or cruise ship case. We know the difference. We handle boating cases involving crashes and involving injuries on boats. We handle JetSki cases–also known as personal watercraft–that often involve very serious injuries. We also handle many cruise ship cases every year, including many right now.

Many attorneys say they handle cruise ship cases, for instance. Some attorneys say they have lived in a certain area for a long time—as though this somehow makes them qualified to handle your boating or cruise ship case.

TRY THIS TEST: Google our lead attorney’s name “Frank D. Butler” plus any major cruise line and see that we have litigated against every major cruise line. You will find actual cases we have handled—not just talked about handling.

Now Google any other attorney you have thought about hiring and add in any of the major cruise ship companies into the search. Does the other firm have even one case they’ve litigated against the cruise lines? It is easy for an attorney to say they’ve handled cruise line cases and boating cases. At our firm, it is not just talking. The Google search shows the truth.

Why It Matters Greatly to Your Case.

So why should you care if the attorney you choose actually has maritime experience? Because the attorney you hire needs to know where to file suit for you if that becomes necessary. Because your attorney needs to know what are the statutes of limitation. (They are generally much shorter than under Florida law.)

Because your attorney needs to know how to proceed for you in your boating, JetSki, or cruise ship case in court if the suit does have to be filed for you. Don’t leave your case to chance. Would you go to a surgeon who had never done a surgery?

We know where suit has to be filed. We know the statutes of limitation. We know what to do after suit is filed. We know the additional notice requirements for maritime cases.

Boating cases, JetSki crashes, and cruise ship injury cases are a large part of our practice. This is your case. You have to get this right. Contact us now to begin helping you.

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