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Florida Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking cases are governed by Florida and potentially by federal regulations depending upon where the truck operates—locally, in-State only, or out of State. In a recent trucking case in a crash which involved a large commercial truck, an adjuster admitted something profound when I told him how intense the crash was into the back of our client’s car. He told me:

“We handle only trucking cases, all of them are severe”.

That admission by the insurance adjuster is really the point. These commercial vehicles are so large that any contact with them leads to catastrophic injuries and damages for the victim of those crashes. There are minimum insurance requirements for trucking companies, and this is good for claimants who have been injured by large commercial vehicles. Federal and state laws prohibit truck drivers from using handheld cell phones while they drive commercial vehicles; however, you may have seen that some drivers violate this rule.

Injured in a Trucking Accident?

Take Immediate Action Now!!

It is very important that in trucking cases you pursue your case immediately. One reason is that the trucking company may begin covering up evidence of their mistakes if you do not move immediately on your case. It is more difficult for instance to obtain cell phone records after time has passed. Driving logs and sleep logs can be changed when not obtained immediately. The vehicle can be altered, repaired, or disposed of if you do not retain us to help you. An inspection of the vehicle by an expert needs to be done after the immediately after the crash to preserve evidence for your case. Make no mistake: the trucking company and their insurer will go into protection mode immediately after a crash occurs. Put us to work for you from the outset of the crash to preserve and obtain all data about the crash. It is important that we notify the trucking company immediately and require them to retain certain information—including requiring them to preserve the vehicle. Formal written notification must go to the trucking company as soon after the crash as possible to require them to preserve information about the crash. This is your case. You need to proceed quickly. If you cannot come to us we will come to you. We are ready to help you now. You need to move quickly. Call our office today for assistance:

PINELLAS: (727) 399-2222. HILLSBOROUGH: (813) 899-2222. FLORIDA: (800) 253-2531.

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