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Florida Personal Injury FAQ

How does my attorney get paid for my case?

We work only on contingency. This means we get paid only after a recovery is obtained for you. This also means the more we recover for you, the more we make for our law firm. We only get paid after you do.

Aren’t there also costs in injury cases?

There can be. If the case resolves prior to suit, the costs should be mostly minimal. If suit has to be filed costs would be more due to depositions, use of experts, court filing fees, etc. Two things about costs you can be sure. We do not charge more for costs than the actual item. Second, if we do not recover for you, then you will not owe us costs either.

How do I know when the case is done?

The case is done only when you authorize us to be done. We are your advocates and advisors—and we fight for you–but the final decision on where to stop is in your authority. Beware of any attorney who simply calls you and says your case is done without consulting you first. Where your case stops is your decision.

How long does it take to get paid once the case is done?

Each case is different. A rule of thumb is that the client is usually issued a check after a case is done within two weeks to four weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little longer depending on the case.

How can I know how much my case is worth?

Personal injury cases are usually judged based upon the amount of your medical bills (past and future), wages (past and future), and pain and suffering (past and future). Note that pain and suffering can also mean mental anguish, the degree of your injuries, the physical/mental limitations on you in addition to the pain you experience and the suffering. We help you place a reasonable value on your case.

How quickly do you begin working on my case?

Immediately. I underscore that: Immediately. On the same day you employ us to work for you we send out contacts to the at-fault party, to the at-fault insurance company, and we begin contact of witnesses to get their statements, and we demand that at-fault parties preserve any video–photographs–incident reports–witness names/addresses. It is very important you pursue your case as soon as possible.

Do I have to go to court or file suit?

We do file suit for our clients, but only if the client informs us to do so. Just because a case is filed in court, it does not mean you have to go to trial. Our numbers show that very few cases that are filed end up being resolved by a jury. But we are not afraid to file suit or go to trial with you. Google the name of our lead attorney, Frank D. Butler, and you will find we file suit in Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco, Hernando, Sarasota, Lee, Dade, Broward, in the panhandle, in the Florida Keys, and all throughout Florida. (See our recent $1.72 Million verdict in Pinellas as an example.)

Are there any other factors which may determine the value of my case?

Yes. There is no substituting that juries many times see big property damage as being consistent with larger injuries. And vice versa. (That minimal property damage may mean slight injuries.) Also, juries see large medical bills as being consistent with larger injuries. And vice versa. Likeability of a claimant can be a big factor in the outcome of a case. Hint: The insurance companies know all three of these factors.

What can be detrimental to my case?

1. Skipping doctor’s appointments. 2. Large gaps in medical treatment when the claimant still contends he or she still requires medical treatment. 3. Not following doctors’ orders. (i.e., wear the brace, go to physical therapy, don’t lift over a certain weight, stay out of work for a specific time, do the exercises, etc.)

I heard that if I am in an automobile accident I need to see a doctor within fourteen days?

Yes. The law changed on this relatively recently. The courts still have not yet fully determined the outcome of the change in the law. The result is that if you do not see a doctor within 14 days of the automobile accident, then you may be precluded from using your own insurance or may be limited to only $2500 of the usual $10,000 in No Fault benefits. While many attorneys and even doctors or chiropractors will tell you what they think the ultimate outcome of the law is going to be, there is no point to taking a chance on losing your insurance for which you already paid your money.

This is your claim. Get it right. Let us work for you. It is important that we begin right away.

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