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Florida Slip, Trip & Fall Attorney

These types of cases produce some of the worst medical injuries that we see. This appears to be due to the sudden nature of the casualty.

A person is walking along in a merchant’s store on firm footing and then without warning a slippery condition causes the person to end up violently on their back, or hip, or knee. Or, some hazard is left in the path of a customer and causes them to trip forward unexpectedly. Only recently we have handled cases which involved clients striking their head on the floor, and sustaining shoulder injuries, or hand/wrist/forearm injuries from trying to break their fall.

Pursue This Immediately.

Get going now. If your fall occurred in a store, mall, business, parking lot, etc. it is important that you pursue your claim immediately. Merchants frequently “remediate” harmful conditions which caused a customer to fall.

That means the condition which caused you to fall is changed by the merchant or corrected soon after the fall. We have seen merchants change the scene and then take pictures. Merchants frequently do not save video that they once had–because they say “it had been too long ago”. Merchants frequently do not save witness information that may have been favorable to you.

Same Defenses. Different Day.

“We didn’t have any notice of the dangerous condition.” This is the most repeated phrase by insurance companies in slip and fall and trip and fall cases. The insurer frequently claims for their store owner “We didn’t do anything wrong” even where the store owner or operator knew about the dangerous condition or there had been previous similar incidents at that same store.

It is not enough under Florida law to say that you fell in a store and therefore the store should pay your medical expenses and other damages. You do have to prove under Florida law that the store—or one of its employees—did something wrong. We have handled many fall-down cases.

CAUTION: It is important that you be careful in your choice of attorneys in this type of case.

This type of claim more than any other requires a claimant to file suit against the at-fault party. Insurers on fall-down cases will test the law firm to see whether they will actually pursue this type of case. Many personal injury attorneys are reluctant to take these types of cases because they can involve extensive work. We are not afraid of hard work. We fight these types of claims for our clients. We will fight for you.

We are ready to help you now.

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