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Florida Golf Cart Accident Attorney

People do not realize the serious nature of golf cart injuries. Our viewpoint is that there are no minor golf cart injuries. First of all, the injuries are serious because people do not pursue insignificant scrapes. Golf cart injuries tend to be very serious. Golf carts can travel at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Golf Cars can legally travel at speeds up to 25 miles per hour, on paved roads, among cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. So it is not surprising at all that injuries from golf cart crashes, rollovers, golf cart ejections, and people being struck by golf carts are very serious in nature.

Careful. Careful.

What is less known is that the laws which govern golf carts and golf cars do not mirror those of vehicles in the State of Florida. One of the first matters we determine is what insurance applies. In addition to the obvious issue of “Who ultimately pays for my injuries?” you need to determine from the outset which insurance is applicable in order to understand whether you will get immediate money for the initial medical bills.

This can affect your medical treatment because some doctors do not want to wait to get paid. You need an attorney who has handled golf cart injury cases to maximize your recovery and protect the available insurance to you. You need an attorney who has handled golf cart injury cases because there can be other avenues to pursue if the driver of an at-fault golf cart has no insurance.

Don’t leave your case to an attorney who cannot tell you the differences in handling golf cart cases from regular auto crashes, and who in actuality has never handled a golf cart case. Would you go to a surgeon who has never performed the type of surgery you need?

Of course, you would not trust someone to work on you who had not handled that procedure. Beware that some attorneys will take in a case only to refer it out to another attorney. Why is that? Because they can sit back and wait for a referral fee from the referred-to attorney. You do not want your case referred to another attorney that you never selected.

You never have to worry about that with our firm because we do not refer out our clients’ golf cart cases. To be specific, we do not try to be real estate attorneys, nor divorce attorneys, nor sinkhole attorneys, worker’s compensation attorneys, criminal law attorneys, nor aviation lawyers, etc.

We know the law on golf cart injury cases.

It is important that you pursue your case quickly. Evidence quickly disappears. The scene changes. The golf carts and vehicles which are involved need to be documented immediately before they are altered.

Witnesses can later become disinterested in helping or more frequently they lose memory of vital facts in your case. You need to pursue this now, and including if it is not with us, you need to find a qualified golf cart attorney immediately. We will be honored to represent you and you can be assured we have you and your family as our number one priority.

Watch Out!

Do not underestimate that any insurance companies involved are going to be trying to contact you to have you give them a recorded statement. They will be relentless in this. What is wrong with that? The questions asked by the insurance companies are scripted to get you to say things favorable to the insurance companies.

In Florida, you do not have to give a recorded statement to the insurance company for the at-fault party. Also, you do not have to give a recorded statement to your own insurance company until after you hire counsel to protect you.

The insurance companies want to get to you before you get to your attorney. Why is that? The answer is obvious really. The insurance companies want you to make statements which could negate your coverage or cast doubt about your fault or injuries in the incident—even where you have no fault and your injuries are serious.

There is also one more insidious reason the insurance companies want to get to you before you get to your attorney. Many times the insurers are able to convince trusting people involved in a crash to sign a Release of their claim for just a few dollars. This almost always occurs just a few days after the crash.

The insurance companies know there is no hurry for you to sign off on your rights. They know that some people do not recognize the extent of their injuries until days after the crash. They know that a claimant has a long time in which to make a claim, but the insurers rush to the claimant to entice the claimant to sign a Release of their claim.

The insurers know if they wait it is way more likely you will seek to protect yourself by hiring a golf cart injury attorney to maximize your recovery and protect your rights. Many insurance companies literally have internal policies which require their employees to contact you within 24 to 48 hours of a crash.

It is at this time of injuries when you can be most vulnerable, not be sure about what to do, not be sure what are your rights, and not know where to turn for help with your situation. We handle golf cart cases. It is important that you pursue your case immediately.

We can help you right now.


  1. If you have to claim some benefits under the at-fault driver’s or at-fault golf cart owner’s insurance you may eventually be required to give a recorded statement. It depends upon what benefits you seek. This is another reason why it is important that you contact an experienced golf cart injury attorney. If you do eventually have to give a recorded statement, you want the protection of your attorney there with you.
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