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What Type of Attorney


What Kind of Attorney

It is inevitable. After practicing and representing people for over 25 years, when I meet new people, they very frequently ask 2 questions. The first is: What do you do for a living. Easy answer, “attorney”. The second question is always the same. What type of law do you do? Well, for one I have never worked for an insurance company. Not once. Not in 25 years. I am often amazed at those attorneys who did work for insurance companies but now they want to tell you they work for claimants. So let me get this straight. You previously worked for insurance companies trying to keep regular folks from getting a fair recovery, now you don’t—and you want credit for that?? I’m not getting that.

When people ask, “What type of law do you practice” they want an answer to that. It is difficult to give a long explanation about how I have never worked for an insurance company. I have only worked for people who are seeking a fair recovery for their claim. To explain about how we battle insurance companies every single day, working to achieve fairness for our clients when the system is stacked against them. To explain how this law firm is different from law firms who do not return phone calls or only have the receptionist do a not-worth-your-time call back. To explain how we don’t assign numbers to our clients; we know them by their first names. Certainly no one wants to hear a long explanation.

So what is a good answer to the question of “What type of law do you practice?” It has taken a long time to realize the answer is “Hope”. We give hope to people fighting companies larger than them. We give hope to people who are getting chewed up by the system which favors people and companies with money. We provide hope to clients who have literally no one else who will fight for them.

What type of law do we practice? Hope. Hope for those who don’t have any other person or entity to fight for them. Yes. Hope. That’s the type of law we practice.

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