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What Forms of Distracted Driving Result in Motor Vehicle Accidents?


Arguably the most well-known (and dangerous) form of distracted driving is texting. What makes it so dangerous? It combines all four of the primary types of distraction behind the wheel, making it impossible to operate the car safely. Here’s what you should know about the forms of distracted driving and when it’s in your best interest to reach out to an attorney.

Sight (Visual)

Most people are aware to avoid visual distractions while driving, yet it remains one of the most frequently seen forms of distraction that result in motor vehicle accidents. Visual distraction can be something as simple as a colorful sign or a person walking on the side of the road. Or, it can be more involved, such as leaning over to look at videos or pictures on a friend’s phone.

Sound (Auditory)

Auditory distractions are sounds that keep you from hearing the sound of traffic around, like horns honking or how close an approaching vehicle is. You may hear your cell phone ringing from your purse or pocket, or be distracted by the sound of your backseat passengers talking loudly. Or, you may be distracted by loud music or the sound of construction nearby.

Touch (Manual)

Manual distractions are things inside the car that you can touch or physically engage with. While most of these things — like rolling down a window or changing the climate controls — are unlikely to cause an accident, other things that take your hands off the wheel can. Putting on makeup, eating while driving, and texting are examples of serious manual distractions that should be avoided.

Thought (Cognitive)

Cognitive distractions are ones that you think about. If your mind is going over something that happened earlier in the day and your attention isn’t on the road and the traffic around you, the risk of an accident is high. Try to avoid cognitive distractions by narrating signs, objects, and other things you see when driving.

Injured in a Car Accident Caused by Distracted Driving? Let Us Help

Distracted driving accidents are common and occur every day, despite the fact that it’s common knowledge that drivers are accountable for keeping their attention on driving and operating the vehicle safely. Unfortunately, even the smallest distraction can result in a devastating accident and if you or a loved one were hurt in a collision caused by distracted driving, you need legal help. Frank D. Butler has extensive experience representing families affected by distracted driving accidents and is committed to continuing to offer support and legal guidance. Call now for a consultation at 800-253-2531.

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