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How Should I Prepare to Speak With Car Insurance Companies After a Collision?


You’re mandated by the state of Florida to carry a certain amount of car insurance to cover damages in case of a motor vehicle accident. Actually using your insurance for its intended purpose is a different story though, and many insurance agents are less than cooperative. This is what you should know before speaking to any insurance provider.

Tips for Talking to Your Own Insurance Carrier

After the appropriate steps have been taken to get medical help if necessary, you need to report any car accident to your insurance provider. This allows you to get access to benefits your policy may allow for damages, regardless of who was at fault for the collision. All insurance companies prioritize their own interests though, so you may find them difficult to work with if they should be making any kind of payment on your claim.

Tips for Talking to the Other Driver’s Insurance Carrier

You’ll need to answer some basic questions for your insurance carrier, but you do not have to do the same for the other party’s insurance provider. You are not legally obligated to make a statement or answer any questions. That said, they may try to contact you anyways with the hope of pressuring you to speak about the accident and getting you to say something on record that admits fault on your part.

What to Do & Not to Do

Thinking about what you should and shouldn’t do when talking to an insurance company? Here are some simple guidelines:

  • You don’t have to answer every question. You can say you don’t remember, or you can say that you have no comment. Don’t try to guess what happened during the accident if your memory is foggy.

  • You don’t have to volunteer information. Try to stick to answering yes or no questions. Avoid giving verbose answers to questions that deserve a succinct answer.

  • You may be recorded. The insurance company may record your statement in case there is anything that can be used to avoid having to pay out a claim.

  • Your lawyer can help. Your personal injury attorney can act as a liaison between you and the insurance agent to help field questions and ensure the right information is provided.

We’re Committed to Helping Victims of Car Accidents Navigate Difficult Situations. Call Today

Being involved in a car accident is frightening, and speaking to insurance agents can be frustrating. Let Frank D. Butler help your family recover after a motor vehicle accident by protecting your rights and pursuing fair compensation for your injuries. Call now at 800-253-2535.

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