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What Do You Need to Know About Accident Reconstruction?


If you believe that you have been hurt in an accident caused by another person’s negligent behavior, you should be prepared for the accident reconstruction portion of your case. Although accident reconstruction is not used in every single vehicle accident case, it can be especially beneficial when you need to illustrate difficult concepts related to the accident directly to the court. An accident reconstruction specialist might be hired by your personal injury attorney. In a serious car accident, there may be no witness in question or you might have blacked out at the scene and not have the necessary evidence to show how the accident occurred.

You need an experienced car accident lawyer who will do everything possible to build a solid case for you as a client. Although law enforcement officers file accident reports after truck, motorcycle and car accidents and might list the crime or traffic violation that could have occurred.

An investigation designed to show liability for wrongful death or injuries has to go deeper than a police report. This frequently means the forensic reconstruction of a car accident which can greatly supplement testimony of crash witnesses or victims and police reports. It can also help to illustrate a picture of how the accident occurred for people who are hearing a car accident case, including the other side, and determining whether or not to present a settlement offer or a jury inside a case. Physics is used to determine the speed of the vehicles or their relative positions at different times during the accident sequence.

An engineer putting together a car accident rate reconstruction might measure, record or determine post impact distances moved, impact angles, damage to the vehicles, length of skid marks, weight of the vehicles and friction values. This can be especially important for illustrating the severity of your injuries or in showing that another party was negligent and caused you to suffer significant impacts in an accident. Schedule a consultation directly with a lawyer today to learn more.

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