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Many people ask us attorneys at this question about how contingency cases work, and they are comforted to know that we only get paid at the end of the case when we recover for the client. There are no upfront charges, there are no out-of-pocket charges to the client. We get paid after the client gets paid. Be careful of law firms who charge personal injury clients “costs” regardless of whether the case is won for the client. At we never charge the client for costs when the case does not result in a win for the client. What that means is if the case did not work out for whatever reason, there is no fee and no cost charged to the client. We can make that pledge and our way of doing business because we have a very high success rate for our clients.

We also never charge an administrative fee. Some law firms add on an administrative fee to your case as soon as you sign up—even before any work begins on your case. No client likes that. We have never added on such a charge. Also, you can have confidence that for any costs we commit on your case we only charge the amount that was charged to us. So if for instance postage is used on your case, we only charge whatever The Post Office or UPS charged us. Costs are the actual cost, and we do not use costs as an excuse to charge clients more than what was paid.  But some law firms do just make blanket charges to try to make an additional profit at the expense of the client. There is no reason why “copies” should cost $1.00 per page, because the cost to make a copy today is not $1.00 per page. If a law firm is going to try to make profit off of bogus administrative fees and artificial costs, do they really have your best interests in mind or theirs. You can trust that you will never have that happen from this law firm.

Being able to hire an attorney on contingency is a good thing–and we of course strongly recommend the successful and experienced attorneys at–because when you hire us you do not have to pay anything out of your pocket.  We cover all of the costs in your case. You pay nothing up front. You only pay us if we win your case.

Another good thing about hiring us on a no-win/no-fee contingency basis is that the client remains in control on decisions about where the case ends. It is the client’s decision—not the attorney’s decision—on when a case is resolved.  We at hear stories from clients leaving other law firms that the previous law firm was telling the client when and for what amount the case would be done.  That is not the way this is supposed to work, and it certainly is not the way we work. The decision on when to resolve a case is the choice of the client, not the attorney. We understand that we work for the client, the client does not work for us. Those firms who are telling their client that the case is done—without consulting the client at all about it—are doing it backwards.  We repeat: the authority to resolve a case is the decision of the client.

We at also counsel our clients as to how much they can expect to “net” in their hands if they resolve the case. That is the information the client needs to know before making a decision on whether to resolve their case or not. We inform the client how much they are going to net in their hands. We also provide full and honest information so the client can be informed on making the best decisions about their case. Just like you want your doctor to be perfectly honest with you, we know you want the same up-front honesty from us.

Here is certainty you can count on when you hire us, the attorneys, at to fight for you:

  1. We do not assign a number on your case. At our firm we know you by your name.
  1. We do not have any administrative fees. We never have.
  1. We work to get you the best result; we understand the better we do for you, the better we do for us.
  1. We work for you. You don’t work for us.
  1. Where a case resolves is your decision, and we will fight to get the best result and give you our years of experience and advice to help you make best decision for you.
  1. There will be no false costs or add-ons.
  1. When a recovery is secured, no money will be paid to anyone until after you sign an itemized Closing Statement.

At you will always be treated with respect. We will always fight for you to get the best result for your important case. You can have faith in our 25 years of fighting for clients and their families. Contact us now at: We are ready.

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