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If you have a personal injury in the State of Florida, it is you who gets to decide who represents you. That means if you are not getting answers from your present TV-advertiser or billboard attorney then it is you who gets to decide whether you leave that firm or stay—not the attorney. Those are the rules according to the Florida Bar: the client gets to choose who represents them.

Here is one dynamic that might be influencing the progression of your case. In the 3rd week of March 2023, the Florida legislature changed the manner in which injury cases are handled. When the governor signed that change into law it meant that a person who was involved in an injury incident had a shorter statute of limitations and the calculation on how fault is determined also changed. What that meant is that those personal injury law firms which were stacked with hundreds or even thousands of personal injury cases, a lot of those law firms filed suit in ALL of their cases. That sounds like good protection of the client, but certainly one unintended consequence was that then hundreds or thousands of lawsuits were in litigation—at the same time. Litigating lawsuits is a different animal than just settling up cases for the “best” offer an insurer would give. Litigation requires the attorney handling your case to work the case and to move the case forward, or they run out of time to do so. In other words, a lot of those filed-at-one-time lawsuits are now coming home to roost at the same time.

Whether that is the reason you cannot get an answer about the status of your personal injury case from a big advertiser TV/billboard law firm, you do not have to take it. You have every right to leave any law firm—large or small—that you believe is not prosecuting your case forward.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding about your representation:

  1. Do I ever get to talk with the attorney?
  2. Does it seem like when I call that I have to explain the same things over and over again?
  3. Does it seem like when I call that my case is at the same point that it was the last time I called?
  4. Does it seem like there is a high turnover at that law firm handling my case?
  5. Does it seem like no one can tell me what is next in my case?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you should consider whether you are in the best situation to protect yourself and your family’s interests. In most situations, you do not get a second chance to seek recovery once your case has run its course. You cannot worry about hurt feelings or loyalty if you case is not being prosecuted by a big advertiser law firm or even a small law firm who is sitting on your case.


Simply. A letter or email is sent to the present firm which simply says:

I have retained the (2nd law firm) to handle my personal injury case. I no longer wish for (1st law firm) to take any further action on my behalf.  2nd law firm will be contacting you to obtain a copy of my file.

If the case is not in litigation you will want the 2nd law firm to quickly analyze whether your statute of limitations is close to expiration. If your case is already in litigation then the prior attorney and new attorney will file simple notifications in the civil action.

You do not have to accept that nothing is happening in your case, nor that anyone can answer questions about your case. You have every right to terminate the attorney and law firm that is not representing your interests to your expectations.

At we are not a high-volume law firm. We do not want to be a large law firm. For 25 years our goal is to get the best result for each client. If you have any questions or wish to talk more about your case, call us for a no-charge conference about your personal injury case.


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