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Better Law Firm or a Bigger One


Is a law firm better just because it is bigger? The answer to that seems rather obvious doesn’t it. Is a company better only because it is the biggest one?

Chili’s will never put a great mom and pop taco stand out of business. Outback isn’t running a smaller, better steakhouse out of town. The Olive Garden won’t shut down a great authentic local pizzeria.

When you hear a TV advertiser law firm, do you ever hear them talk about how much they spend on a typical case? Or how about, do they talk about what is the typical recovery for each case—do you ever hear them talk about that? Do they tell you how many clients have gotten disgusted and fired a big advertiser law firm? Of course not.

Here Are 5 Things We Promise.

  • Your case will not be assigned a number.
  • You will talk with your attorney.
  • You will be kept informed of the progress on your case.
  • We will work hard for you.
  • We will not make decisions without your authority.
  • We Are Ready to Help You Right Now.
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