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In the State of Florida the Florida Bar states that the client has the choice of which attorney will represent them. If a big TV advertising law firm will not return your call you do not have to stay with that law firm. That’s the law in the State of Florida. If you can never get answers and it seems like nothing is happening in your case, you can fire that law firm and seek a firm which you feel comfortable with and is the best fit for you. Maybe TV advertisements once convinced you that your case would get individual attention but now it seems like no one knows what is going on with your case. It is you who makes the decision on the attorney that represents you, not anyone else.

Many big advertising law firms are built on quickly taking whatever an insurance company throws them and then they quickly move on to the next “number”.  In a big volume firm you are likely known by a number, not your name. When you call to find out what is going on with your case do you ever experience any of the following:

  1. Somebody new is handling your case—every time you call.
  2. They said certain things would happen and those things still have not been done.
  3. When you call in, it seems like you have to explain things again that have already been explained several times.
  4. No one seems to know what is truly going on with your case.
  5. No one seems to be directing your case.

Here is one question for you to consider and compare. If this was your doctor’s office that operated like this, would you stay with that doctor’s office?  Of course not.  And you do not have to stay with any law firm who has your personal injury case and cannot provide you answers about the present status and direction of the case.

At we took a call from a potential client who had just fired a big TV advertising law firm. The potential client stated that in six months with the previous law firm he had never once spoken to an attorney there. What about talking with a paralegal? Nope. We asked, “In that six months who were you talking to about your case?” “The receptionist, when she wasn’t answering a dozen other phone lines.” Obviously, a receptionist is not who you would want to handle your important personal injury case, nor are they qualified to do so. We also just recently took a phone call from a potential client who was with a TV advertising law firm and who relayed that the case manager told her, the client, to stop treating with her doctors because the insurance situation was uncertain. Yes, a case manager, not a doctor, told the client to stop obtaining medical treatment. At we took in the case, made sure our client was complying with what her medical doctors advised her was best for her recovery, and we obtained a very outstanding result for that client who had once been represented by a TV advertising law firm.

Pizza Hut and chain pizza outlets will never put an authentic local Italian restaurant out of business. Chain restaurants will never put a made-from-scratch authentic restaurant out of business. A national franchise burger-and-fry joint will not put a long-standing local made-fresh eatery out of business. When a person goes to McDonalds they know what they are getting: high volume, nothing from scratch, the same thing as everyone else is getting.

Large advertising law firms are built on flipping cases and not fighting for the best outcome on ALL of the cases. While it may be that a large advertising law firm gets a big recovery on a certain case, what is the average recovery on all of the cases? Do they fight for cases which may require a fight to get the best recovery for the client? If you are tired of the TV advertising law firms and you choose our law firm here are 5 things we guarantee at

  1. You will be known by your name, and not a number.
  1. You will speak with your attorney and be kept up to date on your case status.
  1. We understand that the better we do for you, then the better it is for us.
  1. We will respect that it is your decision on where a case ends.
  1. You will not have to wonder if we are fighting for you to get you the best result possible for you. (And no, your case will not be handled by a receptionist. Your case will be handled by our well qualified and successful attorneys.)

Tired of the run around with the TV advertising attorneys? The law is on your side in the State of Florida. You are the boss. You decide who represents you. You can trust our 25 years experience in successfully fighting for injured clients on an individual, not a cookie-cutter, basis.




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