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Important Notice About Your Rights


Right now the Florida legislature is proposing to roll back citizens right to 1973. Previously in Florida if a person was 51% responsible for an accident they could recover nothing from another at-fault person even if that other person was 49% responsible for the incident. In 1973 the Florida Supreme Court decided the most fair thing to do was to hold each person responsible for their share of fault. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s the law today. An at-fault person only pays what they are responsible for. That’s fair.

Now the Florida legislature is pushing forward to reverse this fairness by allowing a 49%-responsible person or company to pay ZERO. Let’s remember that in Florida it is a jury who decides who is responsible for an incident–not the politicians.

MADD has recognized that in cases where a drunk driver is 49% at fault, then that drunk driver would pay ZERO.

Call your state Senator and House Representative to tell them NO to allowing at-fault parties to pay ZERO.

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